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You lied to me about cost of chopper and falsely charged me hundreds of dollars more than represented in outlandish offering / recording after I simply wanted to by granite knives

Very poor customer service

Months later and havnt received my first purchase and can’t get any help or answers of why or when


Ordered the 6 piece knife set and was very disappointed. They are not sharp even after sharpening them I can’t even cut through a potato skin. Forget about cutting a steak

Love It

I really like this pizza oven. I don’t like that it gets so hot on the outside because I make this with my daughter and I don’t feel like it’s safe for her. It makes great pizza tho!

The Instant Pot of Pizza Makers, but better!

Phenomenal! This is the Instant Pot of pizza makers, and it tastes like authentic brick oven pizza! Highly recommend.


I received my Granitestone pizza oven and used it the very next night! Living here in Florida, it can be tricky to find a good place to get pizza. All I can say is wow!! Crispy, personal sized, and delicious 🤤 in just minutes!!!! Now I have to work hard to get rid of my extra pizza pounds 🤣

Stopped working after using it 3 times

The top heating element stopped working. TikTok shop told me I’d have to send it to the manufacturer for replacement. Contacted the manufacturer and they said tiktok would have to replace it because I bought from them. Now I’m stuck with a piece of junk that doesn’t work. Will never buy again. Not recommended!

The Best Set For The Buck

We have a cookware set that is a really decent set and was a lot more expensive and doesn't warp. The thing about that set is that it has such a thick heat surface bottom that it takes forever to boil things or get things going, but also, that set doesn't warp in any way however, it is not as scratch resistant as I would like and we do not use metal utensils in our pans, additionally it's not as non-stick as I would like, but we do still use them from time to time. Not nearly as much as I use this Granitestone set though. Ever since we got this set I have been so happy with it. I have read some of the other reviews and I am puzzled as to what they are talking about when they say it's not scratch resistant and so forth. I 100% disagree with those reviews when it comes to the scratch resistance and the non-stick factor. These pans are absolutely amazing. The one and only reason I am giving it 4-stars instead of 5 is because of the handles on the frying pans. Those skinny flat handles are not very comfortable. I had to purchase silicone sleeves that slip over those handles to make them more comfortable to handle. If the handles on this pan set were like the handles they have put on some of their other cookware sets, this set right here would be the end of all cooking sets because I absolutely love them. They are the easiest to clean too. We do not put cooking pans or pots in the dishwasher, we hand wash all of our pans because the soap from the dishwasher is just too harsh and unnecessary. However, if you want to just sterilize your pans, you could put them in the dishwasher after a hand wash and just don't add dishwasher soap and you can totally do that for sterilization purposes. I love these so much I have told a lot of people about this set because I have had a lot of friends and family compliment this set and wanted to know where I got it and how much it was. It was worth every penny and more. Now if they would just change the handle style, they would be flawless in my opinion. You just can't beat that price for something this good of quality. I also feel like if for whatever reason you might have an issue with the set you get and contact the company, they will make it right. This is only a guess because I have had zero reasons to contact them, I am beyond happy with this purchase.

Family makes pizza once a week

Great little pizza oven

Cooks very evenly and very fast but do not leave unattended. If dough bubbles too much and touches heating elements catches fir very quickly.

It’s awesome!

We love it! Wood-fire flavor in a pizza that’s done in less than 6 minutes is amazing. I’d buy it again and again.

Best Pizza maker

We love the pizza maker!!! My husband uses it all the time!!

Glass window cracked

It was great when we first used it. Easy and healthy way to have pizza. Easy clean up and a fun way for the family to make pizza. However, on our third use the glass cracked while preheating. This grill does get hot I figured out the steam came from the stone which wasn’t fully dried. Definitely make sure your stone is fully dried from previous use. We preheated it at max temperature. Other than that I’d say it’s a great product to have.

Was great 1 time

I loved this thing the first time I used it. The second time, nit so much. It didn't heat evenly, the cheese just got black instead of bubbly and it even caught on fire at one point. Waste of money

Best Purchase Ever

I saw this on , did some research online and ordered it. This is the most amazing kitchen gadget! I love it and it works as shown. Gets super hot, not for small or young children to use or touch. Pizza was crispy and delicious.

Great indoor option for delicious pizza

I HAVE PROPANE FIRED pizza ovens but outdoor weather isn't always hospitable this is a great option ...

Limited greatness

Great for pizzas, but finding you have to really play with it and dial-in your bottom burner temp versus top burner temp and great for pizzas, but calzones can easily touch the burner and burn. Truly designed for a flat pizza without issue

Poor Results

I am not getting the same results as seen on YouTube videos. Once I put the Pizza in the oven the temp drops and doesn’t come back up. The crust doesn’t get cooked properly

FYI Paid $77

Makes good pizza but kind of creates a lot of smoke, so use it under your exhaust fan

Tons of smoke

I love the cook on the pizza and how quick it is but after the third pizza the stone gets super smokey. We have to take it outside to finished using it

Love it

Easy to use and makes a great pizza every time!

Granitestone 4 Pack Knives
Jeannie's thoughts

Love these knives. Use them everyday.

Making pizza

Amazing how quick and nice it cook it

Everything I hoped

Great product at a great price.

Love it!

So easy and quick to make great pizza!