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Durable 5qt Dutch Oven with Self-Basting Lid Technology
Paid for knive set with woodblock it’s been over 4 months and still no block and no help at all
Very poor customer service

Months later and havnt received my first purchase and can’t get any help or answers of why or when

Don’t waste your money

This set is smaller than looks online. There were 3 different options for the same price so very confusing. It scratched first time I used it and I only use wooden or plastic utensils. The color is also very different than it showed on tv. Just a waste of money!

Love the knife set so easy to cut my meat bread and vegetables.

Pot set purchase on-line

Purchased this set 1 1/2 yrs ago and the blue is coming off every time I cook with the pots I use on a regular basis. So disappointed. There will be no next order!

Great birthday gift

My friend likes your product so much that she added the knife rack, thats been in storage for years, to her kitchen cart. Makes things much easier for her! Joe Bilotti

Green granite

Performing as advertised at this point. A little disappointed that I see a ring thru the interior finish in two pans.


I ordered a set of cookware in July, and it arrived in August. 3 pans were damaged. I reached out as soon as I noticed the damages and was told I'd be getting a replacement for those 3 pans. It's almost December. I just finished paying off the pans, and I still don't have my full set. Customer service for this company is a joke. Customer beware.

Fell asleep while heating stew.

What better advertisement can a product have than to have been burnt and still work like new. I love my granitestone and so does anyone who uses them.

3 1/2 months and still no replacement for bent pot

One of the pots in the set I received is bent. I called. They asked for pictures that I sent right away. I checked the status after 30 days and again after 60 days. I was told it was back ordered. After 3 months I finally received a post card with a shipping date. That date came and went without any indication that it was shipped. When I called they told me it was still back ordered. So basically they lied about the shipping date. They didn't give me a new date yet. It appears that this company doesn't care about support to existing customers, only about initial orders. They spend a fortune on advertising and TV commercials. But they don't appear to care about resolving issues. Their quality assurance is BAD because I've seen many other reviews indicating they received bent pots. My pot was bent at the factory because there was no damage to the shipping box.

Love my knives

What a great purchase! Very happy with the set.

20 piece kitchen in a box

My 5qt pot is bent

Granite stone Review

We purchased this set for our daughter. The box arrived and at least 5 of the pieces were damaged. We took pictures and filed a complaint with the support department. I was told they needed the order number which was included in my first email, pictures (attached to first email), and receipt. I sent the receipt right away and go no response. The set needs to be replaced or a credit returned tome. The quality of the set is very bad. Will not buy again.

Granitestone Black - Kitchen In A Box 20pc
Jon Lavoie
Worst Customer Service & Warranty Support Ever!!!

I give the performance of the useable cookware 5 stars in the first 60 days.

Customer Support is horrible. Company has not replied in 60 days about replacing the "defective pot" shipped in my order. Deformed top rim, lid won't fit because rim of pot is deformed and out of round. Sent pics and followed all requirements on website. The Only response is "request RMA# 9AUFX3ED for Order 32179GRAN has been submitted successfully." Return approved I can keep the pot!????
Where's the warranty replacement?? Several emails sent to customer support and still No Reply. No warranty replacement. Just a 5 qt. pot I Can't Use!!
If the cookware is manufactured properly its great stuff. Company is horrible.


These are by far the best knifes I have ever own . Thank you

Love my green granite stone

I am very happy that I decided to get this cookware. They are truly amazing and I love the fact that they are actually nonstick for real. If anyone is thinking about buying these I say …do it and you will not regret it.

Truly not worth the money

For the price you would think it was a better quality. It feels cheap and it already scratched! The website is confusing with the different options and the same price. I will definitely go with something more trustworthy and that I can see before purchasing

I believe it must have been a bad batch.

I purchased this set earlier this year.. I have to cook at least twice a day. But this set cooking did not hold up. The bakeware did but the pots and fry pans did not. These two are the best. I was not expecting this.

great pan

like the size and I bought when they had the lid too great formaking whole meals in it

Very disappointed! It is NOT non-stick. Everything I cook in it STICKS to it! 😖😫

How can anybody purchase pots and pans without knowing the sizes you do not tell people the sizes

Bad service

Made a purchase of this product a week ago and have not at all received any updates on the product being delivered or shipped to my house DO NOT BUY FROM THIS WEBSITE YOULL LOSE YOUR MONEY


They don't cut as advertised, the ham on the commercial is precut and the ribs aren't frozen

Great knives

These are th best knives I've ever had!
Very sharp!