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You lied to me about cost of chopper and falsely charged me hundreds of dollars more than represented in outlandish offering / recording after I simply wanted to by granite knives

Granitestone Durable 5 Quart Dutch Oven with Self-Basting Lid Technology
Paid for knive set with woodblock it’s been over 4 months and still no block and no help at all
Very poor customer service

Months later and havnt received my first purchase and can’t get any help or answers of why or when

Knice knives

Cut as advertised. Very pleased.

Granitestone - The Family Pan - 14" Extra Large Skillet

Granitestone bakeware

Order granite Stone cookware they were awesome and I love them heavy duty pants so I decided to order the bakeware set an extra one from Amazon and received the stack Master which is not what I wanted they're flimsy pants the big pan was bent really bad on the side do not like these they're not worth the money I paid for them will be returning them

Great pan

Larger than expected but that's our fault for not checking more carefully

I have the original stack master set but I really love the Stackmaster Pro set because the handles are very comfortable when having to pick up the pits and frying pans!

Granitestone 5 Piece Stackable Mini Cookware Set

As advertised and worth it

A pot that actually does what it is advertised to do. And looks great as well.


This bakeware works great

Never received it!!

I have made 2 payments and have yet to receive anything. I ordered it in February and it’s now almost April!!!

you messed up !!!!!!!!!

I ordered a 20 pc set , you sent me a 15 pct set, with a sticker that said 20 pc set , 14 emails later, dealing with Rovien to get refund .

Great non stick cookware

My first experience with Granitestone was a set of stackable that I found at an estate sale. When one pan started to really show wear I looked for a replacement. I ordered one, yet it was really lightweight and not a match for the remaining pieces. Then I found my skillet. This has been the most durable cookware I've ever owned.


I am very happily with my new cookware.


The computer board must be 'belly up'. Does not work and too hard to get refund.

Granitestone 20pc Kitchen In A Box - Cook, Bake, Steam, Fry - Complete Set

Granitestone 20pc Kitchen In A Box - Cook, Bake, Steam, Fry - Complete Set

enjoyed my new set exept cooking skillet too small

Quick delivery, great quality, and awesome colour.

I purchased a 12" fry pan. It was delivered quickly. Quality is terrific, "strong". And I love the blue colour.

Granitestone 13 Piece Hard Anodized Pro Series Cookware Set

Not enough different sizes in the sauce pans, but excellent cook ware



My boyfriend was skeptical

I purchased these as gift for my boyfriend. He is not a chef but loves to cook and needed some new knives. When he opened them I could tell he thought they were just cheap knives. A week later he’d been using them and was really surprised how well they cut. He still gives me a side look when I tell him he can put them in the dishwasher. But he loves them.

We are very pleased to have your product got shipped in a timely manner the only thing I would have wanted was a bigger frying pan but we are enjoying using all the other pots and pans