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Dull knives

I bought these knives a couple of yrs ago. Within the 3 months of use, they got dull. That coating doesn't last either.
I was hoping this would be the knife set but not. Need to stop promising what you can't actually deliver.☹️

You lied to me about cost of chopper and falsely charged me hundreds of dollars more than represented in outlandish offering / recording after I simply wanted to by granite knives

Very poor customer service

Months later and havnt received my first purchase and can’t get any help or answers of why or when


Ordered the 6 piece knife set and was very disappointed. They are not sharp even after sharpening them I can’t even cut through a potato skin. Forget about cutting a steak

Second set we have purchased! Love the size and quality!

Very good Quality products

I recommend to everyone who wants to buy this cooking set I really Like It This Change My Life my Food doesn’t Burn anymore Make My Food look Good I give a 10 out of 10

Highly Recommended

A Game-Changer for Pizza Lovers!
This product has truly revolutionized our weekly meal routine. Here's why it's become an essential part of our household:

Perfect Results Every Time
The consistency of the pizza quality is remarkable. Every single time we use it, the pizza comes out absolutely perfect. No more disappointing results or wasted ingredients.

Significant Cost Savings
One of the most impressive aspects is the money we're saving. By using this product, we're able to cut our expenses by $40 every week. That's a substantial $160 per month or nearly $2,000 a year!

New Family Tradition
Thanks to this product, we've established a new and exciting family tradition. Every Friday has now become "Pizza Day" in our house. It's something we all look forward to and enjoy together.

User-Friendly and Efficient
While not explicitly stated, the enthusiasm in the review suggests that the product is likely easy to use and efficient, allowing for hassle-free pizza preparation at home.

Highly Recommended
The reviewer's strong endorsement ("Will definitely recommend") speaks volumes about their satisfaction with the product.

In conclusion, this product seems to offer the perfect blend of quality results, cost-effectiveness, and the ability to create enjoyable family moments. It's clearly a worthwhile investment for pizza enthusiasts and budget-conscious families alike.

should be a "very sharp" knife warning

Granitestone should have or display a warning on these knives
they are very sharp. I cut myself between the thumb and the index finger and I had to go the the ER
the blood was pouring out my hand and I had to get stitches.

I still have them but I still use my old dull knives too.
Is there any cover that goes over them? not the little plastic tips that go on the tip of the knife
I mean a full cover for each knife. I will tell people, since granitestone did not, and will spread the word to be very very careful when handling these knives
they are extremely sharp and cause profuse bleeding if when cut.

Perfect pizza

It was great replacement. So happy I was able to find it. Unfortunately burned my first one.

Broken handle when shipped

My one quart saucepan has the handle broken off, they won't replace it. I can't even find a place on their website to purchase a replacement. Very disappointed and disgusted.

I love my granitestone dishes however, I am sad that my large pot came miss shaped and the lid does not fit it.

The Best

Other than the small bread pan, it is the best set of pans we have bought.

GraniteStone is the best non-stick cookware

Wonderful Set!

All items came intact and after using them for a while, they are the best granite-stone pots and pans I’ve ever bought.

Awesome Set

Have used them everyday since I received them. No issues at all. I had to put them to the test the first day with eggs and cheese. No sticking issue super easy cleanup. 100% recommended.

Love these pans!

I bought these to complement my 10 pc set I purchased 4 yrs ago. The only thing the large pan needs is a lid as the older large lid does not fit. These provide even cooking and easy cleanup. I highly recommend.

I finally got a decent set!

These pans are Great! I am going to get a set for my kids for Christmas!

Amazing purchase

This pan set is a real game changer, durable-strong-and has all in one from cooking to baking

Best Air fryer

I absolutely love this air fryer. Not only is it big can I can cook more food at 1 time, it makes the food super crispy. It is very easy to keep clean. I would rate this air fryer a 10 out of 10. Highly recommend

Good Pizza oven

I've read some of the other reviews. Use more flour on the bottom of your crust if it sticking to the oven. Mind never does. I have no idea about cooking frozen pizzas (Yuck!) as I only have used it for pizzas that I have made the dough and sauce for. I cook my pizzas at 600 degrees Top and Bottom. After 4 minutes or so I rotate the pizza 180 degrees. I then turn the bottom up to 800 degrees for the last 4 minutes. Sometimes I will lift the lid and continue to cook the crust for another minute or two. I use mind on top of a wine barrel on my patio. If you are experiencing a lot of smoke, I suspect you have too much cheese and topping near or over the edge of your crust. I use my regular oven for cooking pizzas in the cool to cold months, but this is great to use when it is hot outside. I probably won't use it in the winter but even though we get snow I would not have a problem using it then. Would have given it 5 stars if it would cook my normal 13–14-inch pizzas.

Excellent product Recommendations item very good

I love it 💕this item is incredible Nice

If I could give 0 stars I would

Terrible service and I never received the product. I am stuck with all the extra stuff I purchased.


The weight of these pans is nice and I like that I can use metal in them. The baking sheet when put in a warmed oven tweaks and doesn't sit flat. It's okay for the money.