Piezano Replacement Pizza Stone

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Brand new replacement pizza stone. For use with Granitestone Piezano pizza oven only. Not for use inside a regular oven.

Customer Reviews

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Antoinette Carroll
Perfect pizza

It was great replacement. So happy I was able to find it. Unfortunately burned my first one.

Ashley Slane

Great product and price.

mark corry
Nice replacement

Just as described perfect replacements for pizano stone

Melissa Mowbray
Replacement stone!

Fast service, great product! I purchased this one to designate for gluten free pizza making! Highly recommend

Tom Andersen
Great Addition to a Great Pizza Oven

My wife has Celiac and cannot consume products with gluten (wheat). My sons and I prefer the taste and texture of wheat-based pizza crust and are very pleased with pizza that is cooked in the Granitestone Pizza Piezano pizza oven. By purchasing an additional stone, my wife gets the opportunity to enjoy her GF (Gluten-Free) pizza without risk of contamination from using the stone used for pizzas cooked with wheat-based dough.
A few tips:
When not in use (and not hot) we keep the stones in 2-gallon zip lock bags

When cooking pizza, we start with the GF stone, cook that pizza, turn the
Piezano off, remove that stone from the Piezano while the oven is hot
(wearing oven mitts) and place on our regular kitchen oven's rack to cool.
Next put the stone used for wheat dough in the Pizano, turn the heat back
on and cook the wheat-based pizzas.

Lastly, we do not use the same utensils for both types of pies.

It is working great for our family and the pizza we eat is superior to take-out...

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