Granitestone - The Family Pan - 14" Extra Large Skillet

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The Family Pan is our biggest, most durable pan we've made. Meal prep? Family dinner? No problem, the Family Pan can handle it all. We know that cooking can sometimes be a hassle - we want to make it easy for you, so you can enjoy more time at the table with your loved ones. 

Product Features:

Non-Stick (We mean it)
  • Our mineral-infused cooking surface guarantees the most non-stick surface you have ever cooked on. Everything slides right off the pan. No need for oil or butter!
More Layers, More Durability
  • Thicker than standard pans. Extremely durable, scratch-proof and metal utensil safe.
Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot
  • Pressed from a single piece of aluminum. Even heating all around with no soft areas or hotspots.
Do You Even Lift?
  • Coming in at just 2.6 pounds, The Family Pan makes for an extremely comfortable cooking experience.
If You Can't Take The Heat...
  • Transfer from stovetop to oven with ease. Oven safe up to 500°F.
Dishwasher Safe
  • Toss The Family Pan in the dishwasher for the easiest family dinner cleanup ever.
Keepin' It Cool
  • Our ergonomic stainless steel handles make cooking a breeze. Transferring from kitchen to table has never been easier.
No PFOA Here
  • We take your health seriously. All of our Granite Stone products are PFOA free.

Customer Reviews

Based on 233 reviews
Jackie Hunt
Kid doesn’t fit

I was given this pan for a housewarming gift. I went to use it and the lid doesn’t fit on the pan at all. I can’t use it for what it is needed and now it just sits.

Marina Gonzales
Like and Dislike

There are some things I like about this pan: nonstick surface works well and cleans easily; lightweight. What I don’t like is that the bottom is uneven, oil and eggs slide to the edges and it doesn’t heat evenly. It seems to be too large for my largest electric stove glass top burner. I purchased it at Wal-Mart and plan to return it.

Lucille Minissale

I love the 14inch frying pan perfect family size lightweight and great nonstick cookware! Thank you!

They also lied!

Oh by the way, A representative contacted me and told me he was getting my refund arranged, his words.
I haven’t heard from gstone customer service since about a return, refund or any thing else.
Funny thing- That representative that didn’t do a thing to help sent me a emai to review him and our call.
No refund, they lied.

Pan is awful for novice, professional, and all in between

I gave it 1 star because zero wasn’t an option.
Don’t be fooled by their false descriptions and reviews. Anyone that can cook could not give this pan a good review. Under low heat the pan pops and crackles like it is going to rupture. I cooked in it twice and it cooks uneven, hotspots, and warped bottom. It’s already running eggs together and burns pancakes in spots on low heat.
The bottom of the pan is not reinforced, and is thin with no proper layers of quality metals that disperse heat evenly. It is really an awful pan. If you want a quality pan spend a little more for a different manufacturer. Please don’t make the mistake I made believing the description and false reviews. I got fooled and I am a retired chef. All of their cooking pan products have the same poor quality issues. If you read the positive reviews carefully many phrases used are identical sent supposedly by different people.
If you can live with extremely poor quality cookware it may be for you.
Sorry granitestone this is the hard truth from a professional who made a terrible mistake trying your product. The non stick coating is ok.

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