Granitestone 20-Piece - Cook, Steam & Bake Set with Kitchen Utensils

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"Covering" all your bases! The Complete cookware set consists of bakeware, cookware, a steamer and nylon utensils. Encompassing everything you'll need for prepping, cooking, baking and more with the added benefit of nylon utensils that will help preserve the lifetime of your cookware. 



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Stuart Sieck
you messed up !!!!!!!!!

I ordered a 20 pc set , you sent me a 15 pct set, with a sticker that said 20 pc set , 14 emails later, dealing with Rovien to get refund .

Jeff Simonson

We are very pleased to have your product got shipped in a timely manner the only thing I would have wanted was a bigger frying pan but we are enjoying using all the other pots and pans

Victoria Pretty Paint

Granitestone 20-Piece - Cook, Steam & Bake Set with Kitchen Utensils

Deborah Haugen

I only recieved a 15 piece set instead of the 20 piece set. I ordered the ones with the utensils. I would be happy with any of them. I love the product. My first one is about 5 to 7 years old. Just wanted another set. Love the product!!!

Robert Semora
20-piece cook set

love how easy this is to clean and cook with do not need any oil at all

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