Granitestone 10-Piece Hammered Stainless Steel Pro Series Cookware Set

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Elevate your cookware collection with the professional performance and sleek aesthetic of this incredible hammered, stainless steel cookware set from Granitestone.

The sleek, stainless steel hammered finish is paired with a diamond-infused nonstick interior for durability and effortless food release. A statement piece perfect for taking from oven to tabletop, it's sure to be a conversation starter!

Customer Reviews

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Not worth the cost

Pans stick one month after use. I read the care instructions but it didn’t seem to make a difference. My pans from Ross work better! Safe yourself the trouble.

Margaret Thurber
Not really happy

I opened my order and noticed that the smaller of the frying pans has a scratch and is pitted on the top. Wrote to your customer service email and was asked for a purchase #. I only had the order # in my SHOP account and it wasn’t the # they were looking for. I didn’t take the rest of the set out of the box in case they wanted it all shipped back but when I didn’t get a response after several days I decided to take the rest out and at the bottom of the box was the correct number (I think) I responded back to the email address and still haven’t gotten a response!!
All I want is a replacement for the item.

Deborah Erpelding
Hammered Stainless Steel Set

I recently bought the 10 piece hammered stainless steel professional set, and I’m very happy with how these pans perform!! They are also not bad on the eyes!

Not a Non-Stick Surface

I used these to make pancakes. The oil blackened and stuck to the surface. Now, everything sticks and builds up even with 2 Tblsp of oil. Browning meat bakes to the surface immediately and has to be scraped off. I’d only use these for things like sautéing veggies at low heat. Otherwise, you’re stuck with blackened pans. They do look nice, though.


Best pots and pan set I have owned and I have had many from Williams Sonoma.

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