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paninis, grilled cheese, french toast. What do those all have in common? well, you can make them all in the GraniteStone Sandwich Grill! our countertop sandwich grill can grill up any sandwich at the touch of a button, and our amazing GraniteStone non-stick surface can make cleanup take seconds. press your way to sandwich glory with our incredible countertop sandwich grill.

Set Includes:

  • GraniteStone Countertop Sandwich Grill


  • Premium non-stick mineral coating
  • Anti-warp core
  • Metal utensil safe
  • Dual level construction

(Industry Standard, $99)

Item Description

Granitestone kitchen electrics can withstand years of use without warping because of its thick construction, with refined edges to ensure the grill doesn’t warp or flex.

Item dimensions & weight

Set Dimensions: 18" x 15.3" x 4.,9"

Weight: 5.51 pounds

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90-Day Money Back Guarantee (Less P&H).
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Non-stick kitchen electrics that last. Finally.

We were tired of using pots and pans that warped after a month, or finding out that "non-stick" finishes only lasted a few weeks. That's why we created Granitestone cookware: The simple solution to every kitchen.

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Customer Reviews

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Nancy Epps
Granistone Smokless Grill nothing like the commercials

I love Granistone pots pans skillet baking pans I give them 10 stars! Commercial is real no stick easy to clean! Now the electric smokless grill is nothing like the commercial! I am giving it 2 stars! It smoked out my apartment on Memorial Day took a really long time to cook and heat up! And I had to scrub for 2 days to get the food off it! Not easy to clean at all the grill part! I was and am disappointed this is not Granistones Best! In fact I hope that they call me if they don’t I am going to call them for a refund! I feel like they mislead me on the Smokless grill and by the way it kept on shutting off! Read directions! If I try it again I will try aluminum foil to see if that stops the food sticking on the grill! I hAd to open windows had ac and fan on to get all the smoke out! Not good for a small one bedroom apartment!