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We want cooking to be stress-free and a relaxing experience. Long gone are the days worrying about food sticking to your pans, budgeting time you don't have to clean up after cooking and worrying about pans warping from heat. Frittatas. Eggs. Pancakes - our 5.5" Egg Pan is your new best friend you didn't know you needed in your kitchen!

Why Granitestone:

  • Incredible, consistent heat distribution
  • Easy clean up and hassle-free cooking
  • Lightweight design: we want to make cooking accessible to everyone


  • Premium non-stick mineral coating
  • Your new breakfast must-have

(Industry Standard, $19)

Item Description

Granite Stone Diamond cookware is pressed from a single sheet of aluminum and layered 3 times with our proprietary coating for the ultimate nonstick experience which requires no oil, making healthy cooking easy. Cleanup is a breeze too, and your pan will look new even after years of use.

Item dimensions & weight

Pan Dimensions: 2.24" x 10" x 16.96"

Weight: 14.75 pounds

shipping & returns

Please read through our return policy in detail to ensure that your shopping experience is as seamless as possible.


90-Day Money Back Guarantee (Less P&H).
For customer service, please call 844-475-3622 between the hours of 8:00AM - 8:00PM EST.
The quickest and easiest way to connect us 24 hours a day is by going to
Please allow 24-48 hours from placing your order until it's updated in our systems.

ATTN Returns
400 Returns Road
Wallingford, CT

100% Toxin Free

Our non-stick cookware does not include toxic materials like PFOA, PFAS, lead, cadmium, nickel, or any toxic metals.


Our pans are triple-coated with our extremely durable Granitestone finish. We offer 10 year guarantees on our pans.

Even Heat Distribution

Triple layered aluminum allows for even heat distribution - no need to cook on high heat!

Designed to Make Cooking Easy

Show everyone why breakfast is the most important meal of the day

Start your day off right - Let us handle the tough parts of cooking

Delicious, yet subtle. Make yourself a sweet treat, you deserve it.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 147 reviews
GraniteStone Non-stick egg pan

This pan is the perfect size for a fried egg. So far, every egg I've made has turned out perfectly. I love the convenience and the nonstick surface.

perfect egg pan

It heats evenly, Doesnt kill the egg. The non stick works well. It will also melt butter, Make a small sauce for two. Very handy pan


GraniteStone Non-Stick Egg Pan - 5.5 Inches

Egg slid right out!

Very pleased. Cooked great, cleaned up great! Looking forward to buying more pieces.

Great product

Only complaint is the difficulty cleaning around the bolts that attach handle.