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Need an extra lid for your pans? Look no further. Our tempered glass lids allow you to see what's going on inside of your pan while you cook. They are heat resistant and can withstand anything in your kitchen!

Box Includes:

  • Tempered glass frying pan lid

(Industry Standard, $24)

Item dimensions & weight

Box Dimensions: 10" x 10" x 2.5"

Weight: 3 pounds

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Customer Reviews

Based on 47 reviews
Willie Hughes
Can't get 14 inch lid

Will there every be 14 inch lids available right now I rate them 2 stars because, missing out home a lot of oven dishes.

Carol Teter

I have checked every day since June 14th 2021 for a 14" lid. Every day it says sold out. Customer service has put me on a to be notified list, another time I was told they would be in next week(That was in June). I have even sent an email and never received an answer. I really love the pan , but my options are limited without a lid. Can't find that size anywhere. I would have never purchased the pan if I knew this was going to be a big problem!!!

Willie Hughes
Can't get 14 inch lif

I'll see the pans being sold all over the place but can't find the lid that goes with it.

Love the Pan - HATE that I can't get a lid!!!!!!

For some reason, the 14 in lids have been 'SOLD OUT' for over a month. When I asked Customer Service, I was told they would be available 'shortly' - I have checked every week, two or three times a week and still not product is available. There are lots of super recipes I would love to try with the pan, but they all call for a lid - so other than using on the stove top or with limited recipes in the oven, I feel stuck!

Sandy Rogers-Soler
Best Ever

My mom gave me 10" black and I LOVE it❣I bought the 12" and 5.5". Finally, pans that do what they claim they do!!!!! That was cheese in the video. Slid right off.