Good Tempered Glass Lid

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Tempered glass lids allow for sightlines while cooking.
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Don Colon
Too small lid

I emailed and tried to call about returning the lid but never got a response except for please be patient and someone will contact you soon. I ordered a 12" lid and got a 11" lid which I already had before they sent me one. That was over a month ago and I still haven't heard anything. I guarantee will not be buying directly from Granitstone again.

Never again

I purchased this for my 12” granite stone pan and like many others…I was sent an 11” lid. I kind of knew that was going to be the case going in but I thought I’d give it a shot thinking I’d just return it if it doesn’t work out. Here’s where the one star comes in. I’ve been trying return this lid for over a month now and not a soul will answer phone calls or emails to process this return with the exception of some clandestine “customer service” guy who keeps telling me to wait for the appropriate department to contact me. It really is as simple as emailing me a shipping label and sending a refund to my original payment. Also, good luck trying to call. If you can manage to track down a working number, they will not answer. I called various numbers at least a dozen times and got one person to pick up who was pretty short with me and claimed I contacted the wrong company all together (even though she managed to somehow pull up my order) and gave me the number to the “correct company”. Naturally when I called said number it was disconnected. I’m half tempted to throw in the towel but it’s a matter of principle at this point so I’ll be a thorn for awhile longer. Long story short, it’s a hard pass on anything from this company for me.

Guy Tuxhorn
Do NOT buy this pan!

14" fry pan lid fits well and does the job it was designed for.


Unfortunately the 12 inch lid is too small for the 12 inch pan I ordered before!

Roger Dalton
Wrong material shipped

I have yet to receive my lid in the correct size. The lid I received was an 11-inch lid. I ordered a 12-inch lid. I have spoken to someone named Shatema from customer service by email. She asked for my address & contact info and wanted to know the size & color of my pot or pan that I needed replaced. I told her I needed a 12-inch round clear lid due to wrong material being shipped. This email conversation took place on 11-28-22 but I have not heard anything more about my lid.

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