Granitestone 15 Piece Stackmaster Pro Series Stackable Cookware Set - Hard Anodized, Non-Stick

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Have you ever looked in your cupboard and thought, "This is way too cluttered"? Yeah, we have too. That's why we had our product team develop the 10 piece Stackmaster Pro cookware set! We spent tons of time engineering the perfect  interlocking fit so all you have to do is stack and store - it'll clear up tons of space for our 14" Family Pan, too.

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Nancy Williams
Love the products

Bought the set in store then got extra items from website have had no complaints it cleans up easily, and have had no issues with sticking or stains

It's a Scam

I tried, unsuccessfully, twice to order the upgraded (deluxe) set for an additional $7 for the 3 payments. This set was advertised as being 30% thicker and had rounded, stay cool handles. I wasn't able to stop the 1st order from being delivered and was going to return it. Instead I decided to keep it and give it to my daughter. On the 3rd try, I finally ordered the upgraded, deluxe set. When it came in, I noticed that the box and UPC code was identical to the 1st, cheaper set.

I called the customer service number and told them that the 2nd set was identical to the 1st set and was not 30% thicker. At first, they said that the pans in the deluxe set were more heavyweight than the 1st set and confirmed the handles were rounded. I advised them that the ad should a measuring tape measuring the thickness of the pans, not the weight. Then they said that I needed to take a picture ot one of the pans and send it in to their customer service.

I did send in a picture and 5 days later, I received a response claiming that I received the correct set. I advised them of my previous order that I kept (and provided the order number) and told them that the box an UPC numbers were the same. They replied back that they were going to refund me $39 (I paid more than that) and apologized.

I told them that I don't want money back, I just wanted the set that I ordered. I also advised them that I weighed and measured 3 of the pans from each set and tha the thickness of 2 of the pans from the 1st set were thicker than the deluxe set. Also that the the weight of the pans was less than 3/10 of 1 percent difference between the sets. I told them that they were running a scam in advertising and selling the deluxe set.

Their next email said they no longer have the set with the rounded, cool touch handles.
They then said they were going to refund me my entire payment and I can keep or donate it. Do they think that's going to stop me from going to the media and expose their scam? How many people have been scammed by this company?


The food I’ve cooked taste like metal, especially things that soak up the water (pasta, rice).
I’m afraid to keep using the cookware, I am trying to get the company to let me return for a refund.

Cancel payment

Washed and rusted around the rim of a pan.

Customer Service

Customer service doesn’t exist I am calling a news channel about these people! They say if your order full set you will get baking pans for free never received anything horrible customer service!!

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