Granitestone Stackmaster Stackable 10 Piece Cookware Set plus Utensils - Induction Capable

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8 Pieces of induction compatible, completely stackable pans, pots & lids with 2 utensils for you to get started right away on your culinary adventures.

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Not induction capable

I got the 12 piece stackable set, because it said induction capable. No it is not, they are made of aluminum and induction uses magnetic waves to transfer heat. Impossible with a pot that is not magnetic. I threw away the box and receipt before I figured this out, now I am stuck with an entire cook ware set I can not use.

Don't get the stackable set with the thinner handles

I purchased the stackable set from this site almost a year ago. The pans have held up well but the handles are thinner in the stackable sets and they get really hot and will burn you. The lids I hate, they have a breather hole that let's out all my steam and messes up my steaming. Also the lid also has that thin handle on top and it really gets hot, then the inside if the lid has a medal ring imthat goes around the inside of the lid edges and catches water and moisture causing grease to splash at you. Also, that metal ring catches food, grease, etc. When you wash it you have to brush the crap out if it and then you can't dry inside the ring so it has to air dry. I really dislike these set of pans. I will be buying a new different set this coming year. For how expensive they are they shouldn't of skimped on them. They akso should if made one bigger skillet instead of 2 the same size only one is a slight bit deeper. The skillets and pans are too small. The only thing good about them is they don't take much room and stack.

David Kennedy

Granitestone Stackmaster Stackable 10 Piece Cookware Set plus Utensils - Induction Capable

john layman
Poor Packaging Negatively Affects Product

The actual product works well in our kitchen. The sizes of the pans/skillets are small but workable. However, the poor packing resulted in our receipt of not one but two warped, misshapen 10 inch pots. This large pot cannot be used with the lid due to the misshape. The customer service we received was timely and courteous. We are waiting to receive (hopefully) a usable 10 inch pot for our purchased set.

Reynaldo Ramirez
Great Cookware

I’m a Return customer. Quality is better than the original set I purchased 4 years ago.

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