9'' Round Baking Pan

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our most stunning, eye-catching bakeware line is FINALLY here! Our team has worked tirelessly to perfect the Blue line - perfect for any kitchen, and Instagram ready straight out of the box.

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Ottie Messmann
2Round Cake Pans, &2 Square Pans

LOVE Them. Use them often, Always excellent results!!!

Larry Chafin

Because the complete set of pots and pans only included one cake pan, which is no good for anyone, I order a second one so we can actually make a cake! The set is wonderful and we love it.

Nicholas AMARI
Granitestone Blue 9'' Round Baking Pan

we love these baking pans nothing sticks and there easy to clean .

Lisa Fletcher
True nonstick bakeware

I’ve bought “nonstick” pans for years; it’s only a matter of time until someone uses a metal cook tool on it. After it’s scratched, it’s no longer nonstick and the coating has been compromised so it’s not even safe to use. Then I found Granitewsre! I put it to the test with muffins. No spray, no paper cups, just batter to pan. The muffins lifted right out of the pan leaving not a crumb behind.

I’ve bought cake pans and anticipate buying a loaf pan soon.

I’m a Graniteware fan and would recommend Graniteware to anybody who’s tired of losing part of their baked goods in the pan.

Sandra Anne Oates

I’ve had a lot of pots and pans in my lifetime, but nothing compares to Granitestone! I love everything about the products!

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