Get It Together - 10 Piece Hammered Diamond Cookware Set

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Our hammered metal non-stick granite-coated 10-piece set has everything you’ll need for cooking healthy meals in your kitchen with understated elegance to boot.

The triple-layered granite covering is thicker than most pans, extremely durable, and resists scratches like no other non-stick pan in the market. Pressed from a single piece of aluminum provides even heat distribution throughout each of our pans. Stay cool handles make stovetop cooking a breeze.

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Customer Reviews

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Handle on Lid

I love the pots! The lids have handles in the center on the top and I assumed it was not hot. Wrong! It will burn your fingers. Do you make anything to cover the handle? Not convenient to always use a potholder.

Alice Rogers
Great pans

I am loving this set. Nothing sticks in them. I did burn something in the small pan really bad but most of the burn came out. It was my fault I left it unattended. I even use regular utensils in the pans and no problem.

Alisa Azpeitia
Love the hammered diamond granite

The color blue and texture is beautiful. These heat up quick and evenly. No added fats needed to keep non-stick. Cleanup is a breeze. More pieces are needed as I'd love to add to this collection in bakeware

Lori Doyen

I am really enjoying my new cookware! It is not only beautiful but fantastic to cook in and so easy to clean up! Love it!

Eileen Osborn
Best cookware, ever

I am so loving my cookware after I season the pans I haven't had a problem with them at all I've never owned cookware in my life where I didn't have to use oil or butter or spray of some kind I haven't had to do a single thing since mine

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