Get It Together 10 Piece Cookware Set

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Our complete non-stick granite-coated 10-piece set has everything you’ll need for cooking healthy meals in your kitchen. The triple-layered rock covering is thicker than most pans, extremely durable, and resists scratches like no other non-stick pan in the market. Pressed from a single piece of aluminum provides even heat distribution throughout each of our pans. Stay cool handles make stovetop cooking a breeze.

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I just love this pots and pans set. I love the non-stick. Clean up it s BREEZE. I did season them before i used them. I gave a 4 star only because when i made a omelet and flipped it to cook on other side some of the liquid egg did stick to the pan and same with some scrambled eggs but i was kind of wondering if it had to do with how hot the pan was.(maybe i had it to hot) I will experiment with temps. And boy do I LOVE the Steamer basket i use it a lot to steam my veggies. I also loved the $10.00 off next purchase when you register your product on there website and i used it right away and ordered the 17in cookie sheet cant wait to get it.

April Gordon
great buy

Pots and pans are the best for cooking. They are even easier to clean.

Lincoln Hahn
Where´s the metal ?

The aluminum was thinner than I expected. The pan and pot handles use two rivets instead of three. The handles are flat with no heat barrier .... like a tube handle. The surface coating seems fine .... and I can make omellets and pancakes with ease.

Nautilus Nobles
Pots and Pans

Pots and pans are wonderful. Was a gift for my aunt.

Ron Williams
I was hoping the pans handle were more stronger and pans stronger

Wish they were stronger

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