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20 PC Kitchen in A Box PRO- Hard Anodized

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Our complete non-stick granite-coated 20-piece set has everything you’ll need for cooking healthy meals in your kitchen. The triple-layered rock covering is thicker than most pans, extremely durable, and resists scratches like no other non-stick pan in the market. Pressed from a single piece of aluminum provides even heat distribution throughout each of our pans. Stay cool handles make stovetop cooking a breeze.

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20 PC Kitchen in A Box PRO- Hard Anodized

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In the Kitchen with the Ceramic 20PC Set

It's never been easier to host lavish meals at home thanks to the Kitchen in a Box 20PC Set Collection at Granitestone! Watch as everything from fluffy cinnamon rolls, creamy cheese penne pasta, juicy steaks and perfectly roasted veggies all can be prepared easily in the Granitestone 20 Piece Hard Anodized Set, featuring the grey ceramic interior!

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