Granitestone 17 PC Prep + Cook Set

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When you just need it all to match...our best two best sellers, the "Get it Together 10 PC Cookware Set" and our 6 PC Nutri blade knives, all in brilliant blue. We decided to throw in a wooden cutting board just to make your life easier. 17 pieces to prep and cook with!

Customer Reviews

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Warren Goldsmith
warranty not fulfilled

Had a defective pan and not replaced

Mary Anne Maga
Nice cookware.

My son likes my granite stone cookware so i got him this set for his college apartment for Christmas. He is excited to unpack them when he returns to school.

Angela K
Good but not perfect

I am enjoying my new set of Geanitestone but I was a little disappointed that the largest pot wasn't quite round so the lid did not fit. Other than that everything is great

Keith Howard
17 pc set

I'm always satisfied when I purchase products from Granitestone.

Karen Brown
No customer service

I registered the set the same day I got it. The 2.5 qt sauce pan had a spot that everything would stick to and after a few uses the food started burning.
I contacted the company. I had two text messages from them and nothing else.
The pan is useless except for boiling eggs. I just noticed the large square pan is also sticking in two spots.
I could not submit a receipt for the purchase, they were given to me as a present. I did everything I should have done, the company did not.
Back to T-Fal for me…

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