Being a (not so) Master Chef

As a self-proclaimed 3-Star Amateur chef, I like to cook… A LOT. I am always trying out new recipes for friends and family, or for my own lunches if they don’t turn out the way I thought. Cooking is an awesome way to de-stress after work but is also an incredible creative outlet. With my seasoning and ingredients, I am able to express myself and share it with others. 

My wife and I spend so much time working, that our date night is usually at home cooking together. My love for food has brushed off and now when we go to restaurants she likes to talk about what she “would’ve done with the dish”. 

Now that we have two 3-Star Amateur chefs in the house, we need the tools to support our favorite hobby. The Granitestone Family Pan is able to keep up with my recipes without missing a beet (I’m also a 1-star comedian). Along with its durability, we love how we can cook a base together and compete on who serves it best. The Family Pan is huge for my small family.

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