A Home Away from Home

Growing up, breakfast was always the most important meal of the day. For my large, busy family that often ate lunch and dinner at different times and places, it gave us the opportunity to sit and spend time together before we all set out. 

Sunday breakfast, in particular, felt like a sacred tradition. After Sunday mass, I would sit with my siblings watching cartoons while my parents cooked enough food for their small army. They always blended American breakfast staples with Latin American recipes- a tasty way to share their culture with their children. We would eat breakfast quickly but would stay cracking jokes and telling embarrassing stories long after the last pancake had been served, fought over, and (in compromise) cut in half. 

The Granitestone Family Pan is perfect for preparing meals but even better for bringing others in to enjoy it. As my family grows, there are many more jokes to crack and stories to tell so minimizing cook time is a must. Our Family Pan makes enough to feed every mouth, even the little one crying from the high chair. Before long, we’re enjoying the Sunday round table discussion we have all come to love so much (almost as much as the nap afterwards). Making my own home in a busy city far from home, it’s always special to make dinner with friends and share my family’s love for food and each other. It’s a new tradition.

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